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Biographies & General Interest

Available from Amazon

A detailed analysis, including match by match

summaries and comment, of LFC season


Available from Amazon

A detailed breakdown of the most scintillating 2017-18 seasonwhen the Reds scored 136 Lge & Cup goalsand Mo Salah broke record after record.


Available from Amazon

A complete breakdown and analysis of the most sensational LFC season; only just pipped for the PL title, but successful in Madrid to become Champions of Europe!

Available from Amazon

A detailed analysis along with observations and comment regarding LFC season 2015-16


Available from Amazon

A detailed analysis of the

sensational LFC season






Available from Amazon

 A thorough study of Klopp's first full season (2016-17) as LFC Manager.

* Available fully illustrated hard copy and text-only kindle b/w.


Available from Amazon

The Early Years of the first

Catholic Co-Educational College.

An Anecdotal History



The season 2019-20 saw Liverpool FC win the Premier League title by a massive 18 points.
This short document highlights in detail a personal view on three games which stood out as spectacular as well as significant during that season.
It is FREE and available by clicking the hyperlink below.

Available from Amazon

Treasured memories from three Reds' stalwarts regarding European finals, Wembley, Cardiff as well as famous Anfield nights. Detailed appraisals and opinions relating to positive personal experiences covering over 40 events dating back to the arrival of Shankly right through to the first match under the new stand against Leicester


Available from Amazon

The Autobiography of a former LFC Chief Accountant

(In conjunction with Arthur Lowe)





Jordon Jordon

A Student's Story

Available in Amazon

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This lengthy novel covers the life story of a 1960's teenager from his Liverpool college days through to the present day. (

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The Return

A Tale of Revenge

Available from Amazon

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When Sam Timmings takes in a routine business trip to Istanbul, he finds himself locked away in solitary confinement without explanation. Six years later, a freak of nature enables his escape. Eventually back in the UK, Sam wants answers and, in a tense thriller, sets out also to determine the whereabouts of Abbie, the woman he'd been set to marry.  (Click on flyer notice above)

Grim Aftermath

A Family Drama

Available from Amazon

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An idyllic family is torn apart with horrific consequences when one of them embarks on a torrid affair.  

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The Cellar

Available from Amazon

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Zak and Ellie are school friends who grow up together amongst Bradford's old terraced houses. However, when Zak and his family move away, Ellie’s life takes on nightmare proportions at the hands of the two evil brothers.
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The Taxi Ride

A Tale of International Fraud

Available from Amazon

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An attractive woman unexpectedly jumps in on Accountant Gary Makin's taxi ride home. How could he predict such a mundane occurrence would trigger off his involvement in a worldwide conspiracy involving huge amounts of money?  (Click on flyer notice above)

Memory Loss

Hit & Run Drama

Available from Amazon

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When Greg Fallows is injured in a hit and run - which also kills his younger sister- he not only loses his memory, but also undergoes a drastic change of personality. His life changes overnight and not for the better.
It is all of ten years later, when a bang on the head has unexpected consequences and he is able to recall the driver of the car. How can he make up for lost time?
 (Click on flyer notice above)

The Electrician

A Domestic Crisis

Available from Amazon

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Electrician Charlie and his wife Kathy are considered the perfect couple, until, one day, in a moment of drink induced madness, she allows herself to be seduced by her boss and is caught in the act by Charlie. He disappears, not knowing she is pregnant. 

The conclusion is dramatic with an unexpected final twist.  (Click on flyer notice above)

The Missing Student

Available in Amazon

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A female student goes missing completely and it is 30 years before her boyfriend falls upon the first clue.

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Against All Odds

Available from Amazon

A UK businessman, David Trevellyn and a young Australian boy, Tom Lindsey, fight for survival in the wreckage of an airliner in the Indian Ocean as the world assumes all passengers are dead.

When they are washed ashore on a remote Indonesian island, it is only the start of a whole series of problems.  (Click on flyer notice above)


A student romance is torn apart by the racial prejudice of one set of parents

Available in Amazon

Craig's 1980's college romance with Bev is fast, frenetic and intense. But when he asks her parents for their daughter's  hand in marriage, mixed-race Craig is horrified to come across racial prejudice and its emotional consequences for the first time in his life.
It is many years later that the phenomenon that is 'Friends Reunited' leads him to revisit the relationship. His search takes him to the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District and to Heathrow Airport in a frantic race against time.
 (Click on flyer notice above)
The Quad Bike

A gang of bikers are terrorising a local community

Available in Amazon
The tranquility of a Friday afternoon is suddenly shattered when a quad bike mows down Gary Monteith's wife and toddler daughter.
The police seem strangely reticent in pursuing the case, so Gary vows to take the matter up himself.
However, he is taking on a hugely dangerous enemy and is way out of his depth...
The Busker

A musical genius hits life's many twists and turns

Available in Amazon
Tim Chambers had been a musical genius, but with his wedding in sight, his life and career are thrown into jeopardy following a tumultuous family row.
Alone and bewildered, he meets Dandy as she is busking in a London subway and instinctively joins in. Soon they are not just a successful musical partnership but also an item. However, tragedy strikes when Dandy dies giving birth...


Tweedle Dee

A Bricklayer confronts his past

Available from Amazon

A young boy Jake and his sister Stella are witnesses to the brutal killing of their mother. The only clue is a ditty sung by the killer. Years later Jake hears the song being sung on his building site and swears revenge.  (Click on flyer notice above)

The Lorry Driver

A grotesque conspiracy is unearthed

Available from Amazon

When lorry driver Harry 'Aitch' Warren returns home from a European trip, his family has disappeared off the face of the earth. There are no clues and so begins a personal undertaking by Aitch to find his wife and twins.
However, what he uncovers is far more sinister than anything he could ever have envisaged.
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The Farmer

He ran away then came back to a different world.

Available from Amazon

Russell was sure he'd caused the fire which killed his family members. He ran away and worked as a farmer for ten years before returning to find a different world terrorised by a gang.

He vowed he would sort it out.  (Click on flyer notice above)

The Castle

Three skeletons are discovered in a remote North Wales castle

Available from Amazon

When Nathan Thorpe and his assistant Diane disappear at the same time as hundreds of thousands of pounds, the assumption is they are the villains.

Ten years later, bones are discovered in a remote Welsh castle and traced to the pair.

So opens up a whole conspiracy with Nathan's daughter Philly determined to unearth the truth.


The Eyes Have It

Born to be together;

Fated to be apart

Available from Amazon

Their eyes met across a crowded university bar; for David and Kathy it was love at first sight.

Except that fate would intervene and destroy their relationship. They went their separate ways and were miles apart.

David became a world renowned marine engineer while Kathy married and became a teacher.

But their love never wavered... (Click on flyer notice above)



The Auction Ring

A Mercenary returns in time to save his family

Available from Amazon

Tom Doyle has been away in remote Africa for two whole years, when he manages to contact his family just before Christmas. What he hears brings about his immediate return to England.

A gang has taken over his family's housing estate and Tom determines to resolve the situation, only to discover that the depth of evil is way beyond anything he could have expected.

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The Bus Driver

A lottery winner's Utopian dream turns into a nightmare.


Available from Amazon

Harry Ecclestone's lottery win is a life-changing experience.
He is able to leave his job and embark on an expensive labour of love that he's always fantasized over.
Regarded as the proverbial lifelong bachelor, he even falls in love and suddenly everything in life is wonderful. That is, until his girl friend's evil ex-husband arrives on the scene and Harry's life becomes a nightmare.
(Click on flyer notice above)


The Cave

(Sequel to 'The Taxi Ride')

The Mob were after Fraser; could he escape from them?

Gary's wife Mandy is assassinated while driving through a remote part of Wales. From then on, despite a change of name by the FRaud Squad, Gary is on the run and adopts the life of a hermit in a North Wales village.

But still the Mob come after him...



Things aren't always

what they seem...

Available from Amazon

They met by accident; in a field with lots of others gathering around. Mace and Caroline hit it off in an instance, but they were fated to become separated without any means of contact.

Mace was determined to trace his new found love, but in his wildest dreams, he could never anticipate what was in store and, for sure Caroline was never going to be the person he thought she'd be.

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The Orphanage

A teenager escapes from a hell hole to search for his sister.

Available from Amazon

Stephen and his sister Ellie were orphaned at an early age and dispatched to a boarding school run by the most cruel of regimes.

When Ellie is sent away, Stephen escapes, determined to find her. But how can a teenager with no experience of life, set about such an arduous task?

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The Island

Who has drugged Mason and
dumped him on a remote island to die in complete solitude and with no memory?
It takes a freak rescue to give him a chance of finding out.

Available from Amazon
When Mason Pool regains consciousness on a wild and remote island with total amnesia and no means of identification, it seems his life is over.
However, two Welsh fishermen sheltering from a storm, rescue him and, with the help of a local nurse, Mason is slowly restored to health and sanity.
But who has been responsible for his demise?
Mason is determined to find out!
Culture Clash

Can Jon's resolve and tenacity be enough to rescue Rehann from the sex traffickers?

Available from Amazon
Jon and Rehann were close at school, but when she is sold into a forced marriage abroad, he assumes he'll never see her again.
That is, until she is traded as a slave to sex traffickers back in the UK. Jon gets wind of this and resolves, along with other former class mates, to attempt an audacious rescue.
The Private Detective

David became a private detective because of personal circumstances. He became very proficient in the role, but still couldn't resolve his own problems. Then Christine began working for him...

Available from Amazon
David Sentinel's rescue of Christine Palin from a kidnapping earns him plenty of plaudits as well as prestige. So that when a student goes missing in much the same circumstances, the parents insists on employing David.
The background to the case has many likenesses to Christine's, which brings her to insist on helping with the investigation.
David meanwhile, has been hiding a personal grief in similar respects over many years and Christine takes it upon herself to go about solving the mystery.
The findings are not what either expects...


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